Proton Mail BETA v1.08 Release Notes

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We are happy to announce the release of Proton Mail v1.08. As usual, please completely clear your browser cache to make sure you load the latest version of Proton Mail. Also, among all the security researchers who helped us, we’d like to give special thanks this time to Mar Adrian Belen for security tests for this Version 1.08 release.

New Features

  • Now you can reset your login password if notification email is set.
  • You can send an email to your contact from Contacts page.
  • Message can be filtered by by Read/Unread.
  • Add Message Password validation for outside encrypted message.
  • Order the contact list by contact name alphabetically.
  • Improved administrative page to allow faster customer support.

Bug Fixes

  • Stronger protection for signup form token.
  • Fixed wrong attachment name extension on some versions of Safari.
  • The line of ‘Hint’ will not be shown in encrypted outside message if the hint is not set.
  • Allow hyphen/dash in contact name.
  • Fixed occasional incomplete download of attachment with file size larger than 1M.

Known Issues

  • Multiple attachments not properly supported.
  • Mobile and Tablet not yet fully supported.
  • Attachments are not encrypted.

Security Fixes

  • Cookies are set to HttpOnly
  • Enhancing CSRF protection in ajax calls
  • XSS on Contact name field
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Jason Stockman

Jason is a co-founder of Proton Mail. He works on building Proton Mail's user interface and websites. Jason has over 10 years experience building websites and applications.

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