Update: May 5th, 2016Version 1.2.3 is now released in the Proton Mail iOS App(new window) store!

We are happy to announce the release of Proton Mail iOS v1.2.3 BETA! This release is part of the Proton Mail Mobile Beta Program, release to the general public will come later.

It is still possible to register for the Proton Mail Mobile Beta Program. Not only is this a great way to support Proton Mail, you will be able to get early access to the newest mobile features before they are publicly available. Learn more here: window)

The old version of the app is available from the Apple App store here(new window).

In the past month, we have been listening to your feedback and working hard to bring you these highly requested new features!

TouchID Integration

No longer do you have to remember your login and mailbox password to securely access your encrypted email, now you can unlock your messages with a touch of a finger. Your fingerprint is one of the best passcodes in the world. It’s always with you, and no two are exactly alike. To learn more about how to turn on TouchID, please visit this tutorial.

PIN Code Protection

For added security, you can require a PIN code to access your inbox through the application. This four digit code can be added on it’s own or in addition to TouchID. TouchID will be the default protection, but can be cancelled to allow access through the PIN code.

Auto Lock Setting

Now you can protect your encrypted messages from being compromised if your device falls into the wrong hands. Set your Proton Mail app to automatically lock every time you open the app, or after a set amount of time.

Auto lock timer on Proton Mail iOS app(new window)

Attachments from iCloud & other third party storage apps

Send attachments from where they are stored. Now you can add quickly and conveniently add attachments from iCloud and other third party storage apps directly to your messages.

Full release notes below.

New Features

  • TouchID integration
  • Auto Lock Setting
  • Password manager support for iOS
  • “Show images” from the message view
  • Mobile signature editable for Proton Mail Plus users
  • Support for adding attachments to messages from iCloud and other third party storage apps

Bug Fixes (Please report bugs using the Report Bug feature described here(new window).)

  • Fixed iPad landscape mode attachment error
  • Fixed opening messages from notification not being marked as read
  • Fixed displaying of password reset emails that do not show the pin code
  • Added warning message shown before messages are sent with no subject
  • Added trimming of blank spaces from the end of passwords
  • Fixed some user interface problems with the Encrypt to Outside feature
  • Added expiration time display to expiring emails
  • Prevent text and images from going under the keyboard when composing a message.
  • Properly update the sender’s information when only one address is present
  • Properly handle multiple signatures in the composer
  • Messages in sent folder now show “Reply to email” as the original address
  • Removed irrelevant swiping actions (i.e. swiping to send to spam when message is in spam folder)


  • Improved badge unread message count
  • Improved handling of deleted custom domain addresses
  • Improved error messaging when wrong encryption password is entered
  • Improved scrolling through messages with large amounts of text
  • Improve the email privacy protection by filtering out html tags that are not secure
  • Improved handling of special characters within emails
  • Improved resizing of text and images based on screen size resetting password
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