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UPDATE 5/23/2014 – It has come to our attention that at least for some users, the problem was because they included when trying to login. The username should be ‘username’ not ‘’. If this is indeed the cause of your login problem and you have already emailed, we recommend sending another email to so we don’t un-necessarily reset your password.

Dear Proton Mail beta testers,

We are aware that there is a login problem impacting a small number of users. The causes for this vary widely, but include

  • Incompatibility with certain browser extensions
  • Setting up accounts with unsupported browsers
  • Creating accounts during times when the servers were overloaded

The symptoms however are usually the same. After logging in once during account creation, subsequent logins fail on the first screen with a message about bad username or password.

We are working now to improve the reliability of our login system, however, this will only fix future accounts that are created. If you are currently locked out of your account, please send an email to with your username and we will try to respond and unlock your account as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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We are scientists, engineers, and specialists from around the world drawn together by a shared vision of protecting freedom and privacy online. Proton was born out of a desire to build an internet that puts people before profits, and we're working to create a world where everyone is in control of their digital lives.

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