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Last updated June 2023

At Proton, security is our highest priority and something that we work on day and night to improve. We have been very fortunate to have several individuals and organizations step forward to assist us with security auditing. The contributors listed below have dedicated their time and effort to helping us and participating in our Bug Bounty program because they believe in online privacy and the right to anonymous email.

If you would like to help audit the Proton Mail code, please reach out and let us know! And if we forgot to mention you below, let us know and we will add you right away, we actually don’t know who some of you are because Proton Mail users are anonymous.


Cyberkov(new window) – Cyberkov is a professional IT security services and consultation firm that provides a highly targeted set of security services, including but not limited to: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Security Assessments, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Source Code Analysis, and Security Awareness Training. [Audit performed, May 2014, April 2016]

Hermes Security Solutions(new window) – Hermes Security Solutions is an offensive cybersecurity company based on hybrid pentesting. Our team, augmented by artificial intelligence, runs controlled attacks against the critical infrastructures of consolidated SMEs, Big Tech corporations, and government entities.


M.R.Vignesh Kumar (new window)(ம.ரா.விக்னேஷ் குமார்) – Security Researcher, தமிழ்நாடு

Brian Browning

Mike Cardwell

Thomas Roth – Security Researcher

Matthew R Price

Camilo Galdos AkA Dedalo(new window)

Stanislav Eremin(new window)

Eric Rafaloff(new window)

Adam Andersen(new window)

Ivan Krasin(new window) – Google Inc

Maxim Rupp(new window) –

Mar Adrian Belen(new window)

Mazin Ahmed(new window) [Audit performed, July 2014]

Prakhar Prasad(new window)

Osanda Malith Jayathissa(new window)

Kacper Rybczyński(new window)

dotchloe(new window)

Alexander Antukh(new window)

Sebastian Vasile(new window)

Shwetabh Suman(new window)

Chand Singh(new window)

Shivasurya S(new window)

Uk Hur(new window)

Sehoon Lee(new window)

Jongsung Kim(new window)

(Kai) Hrafnkell Gudmundsson

Vladimir Yakovlev(new window)

Daniel De Almeida Braga

Pierre-Alain Fouque

Mohamed Sabt

Brian Carpenter(new window)

0xtavian(new window)

Sheikh Rishad(new window)

Ibad Shah(new window)

Manojkumar J(new window) 

NDevTK(new window)

Julien Cretel(new window)

Brian Carpenter of Geeknik Labs(new window)

Ashutosh Barot(new window)

sachin kalkumbe(new window)

Piotr Smaza(new window)

Aymeric Sorek(new window)

Kunal Trivedi AKA “Zodiac”(new window)

Hamza Zaheer(new window)

Abiral Shrestha(new window)

Fabián Cuchietti at Innotec Security(new window)


Joseph Harris (Doc)(new window)

Sudip Roy

HeeChan Kim (@heegong123(new window)) of TeamH4C(new window)

Ramkumar G(new window)

Vladyslav Kotko(new window)

Suraj Mulik(new window)



Abdullah Ahmet Erdem

Tushar Sharma(new window)

Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk of Mysk Inc.(new window)

Anurag Kumar(new window)

Aziz Al Aman (nxtexploit(new window))

Yash Ahmed Quashim(new window)

Thore Göbel

Arjun Singh(new window)

Karan Rathod(new window)

Ali Mansour(new window)

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Proton Team

We are scientists, engineers, and specialists from around the world drawn together by a shared vision of protecting freedom and privacy online. Proton was born out of a desire to build an internet that puts people before profits, and we're working to create a world where everyone is in control of their digital lives.

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