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We’re happy to announce the launch of the Official Proton Mail Shop! Official Proton Mail T-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise are now available for immediate shipment!

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Back in 2014 when Proton Mail had our initial crowdfunding campaign(new window), over 1000 members of the Proton Mail community pitched in to support us by purchasing a T-shirt. In the two years since, we have continued to receive requests to bring Proton Mail T-shirts back, and to also provide other merchandise. We have been quite busy in the past two years, but now, due to popular demand, we are finally launching the Proton Mail Shop.

Proton Mail has grown through the support of users who have donated, upgraded to paid plans(new window), or helped to spread awareness about the importance of privacy. With the Proton Mail shop, you can now support Proton Mail financially while also get some cool products at the same time.

To start, we are offering official Proton Mail sweaters, shirts, artwork, phone cases, mugs, hats and tote bags. We plan to offer more variations as well as brand new products in 2017.

T-shirt and Merchandise Design Competition

Since Proton Mail is powered by the community, we also want you to have input into what items we sell in our shop. If you have suggestions for what products to offer, or what text to print on the shirts and other items, please send us your suggestions at

Furthermore, if you are a graphics designer and have a concept for a new T-shirt or other item that we should offer, feel free to also send us your proposed design. Next year, we will allow the community to vote on submitted designs and put the most popular ones into production.

Shipping Information and Privacy

We have partnered with Shopify and ThePrintful to power our shop. None of the shipping or payment information you enter is linked to your Proton Mail account – the shop is entirely separated. Currently accepted payment methods include Credit Card, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Our shop can ship globally, and there are a wide variety of shipping options. The items are produced and fulfilled from the United States as we were unable to find a suitable European producer who can ship worldwide. This means that it does take some time to ship the items to Europe and Asia.

Any questions can be directed to You can visit the official Proton Mail shop at the link below. Thanks again for your support and Happy Holidays!

Visit the Proton Mail Shop(new window)

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