Proton Mail v3.9 Release Notes

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Note: Due to the way we roll out new versions, Proton Mail 3.9 has not been released to everyone yet. If you do not see it yet, you will see it soon.

Over the past 3 months, we have been focused on large scale projects, such as Proton VPN and also the upcoming IMAP/SMTP support for Proton Mail. Version 3.9 however brings several incremental changes and sets the stage for the additional releases we have planned for this summer. We expect in the next couple months to increase the speed of new Proton Mail releases.

Proton Mail does not show advertisements or abuse your privacy to make money. Paid accounts are our only source of funding. Please consider upgrading to a Proton Mail Plus account so that we can continue to operate the service and fund further development.

Drag & Drop Messages

This feature allows to organize your inbox quick and easy by making use of your custom folders/labels. Just hold down your message and drag it into the appropriate folder/label.

Improved Search

We have made further performance improvements to search and now it is approximately 1000x faster than it was a few months ago. We have also made Proton Mail’s advanced search feature more powerful. Now, advanced search will also accept complex queries such as this:

(cat -dog) | (cat mouse)

You can learn about Proton Mail’s improved search here.

Note that search still does not work for Proton Mail message bodies, as we do not have the ability to read your messages. However, we are working on a project now that will enable full-text search of your Proton Mail messages and we hope to have the first public release near the end of this summer.

Improved Language Support

The Proton Mail Translation Project has now been underway for several months, and thanks to the incredible volunteer translators from the community, Proton Mail’s web interface is now available in the following languages: French, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

To change the language of your Proton Mail webmail interface, click Settings Go to settingsAccount Language and Time.

We are still looking for additional volunteers for the Proton Mail translation project so if you would like to see Proton Mail in your language or help to improve an existing translation, you can participate in the translation project by signing up here.

Auto Unsubscribe

The auto-unsubscribe feature makes it easier to unsubscribe from email lists or newsletters that you’re not keen on receiving anymore. It works by identifying the unsubscribe link in the hidden header and by making it available in the top right corner of your message. To remove your email address from mailing lists, just click “Unsubscribe”.

Proton VPN

After more than 1 year of development, and four months of beta testing by over 10’000 members of the Proton Mail community, we’re finally making Proton VPN available to everyone. And we really mean everyone, because consistent with our mission to make privacy and security accessible to every single person in the world, we’re also releasing Proton VPN as a free VPN service.

Proton VPN is now integrated into the Proton Mail dashboard, which means you can upgrade to the paid version of Proton VPN from Settings → Dashboard

buying protonvpn

Note: If you are a Proton Mail Plus user, you can get a 20% discount bundle when signing up for Proton VPN. This discount is shown at checkout. Also, Proton VPN Visionary users get Proton VPN Plus for free.

You can also manage your Proton VPN settings now from Proton Mail Settings, by clicking on the VPN tab:

You can learn more about Proton VPN by going here:

Version 3.9 Full Release Notes

New Features

  • Update Dashboard and VPN tab for the Proton VPN release
  • Drag & Drop Elements
  • Added translations for French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish
  • New sent/drafts behaviour. By default, Sent and Drafts folders will no longer show trashed or moved messages. However, the old behavior can be restored by adjusting the setting in Settings –> Account.
  • Improved Search released
  • Added auto-unsubscribe from mailing lists feature

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with links not working on Safari
  • Fixed problem with displaying plaintext messages


  • Added folder context to showing read/unread conversations in folders
  • Improved the browser message caching
  • Improved custom filters UI
  • Increased search speeds by 1000x
  • Improved the settings screens for setting display names and signatures for extra addresses to be less confusing

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please report bugs using Proton Mail report bug feature, or send us a support request here:

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