Everything you need to keep your schedule private

Protected by the same end-to-end encryption used in Proton Mail, Proton Calendar has all the features you need to manage your events easily.

Need a secure calendar for work? Discover Proton for Business.

Proton Calendar app
The Proton Calendar web and mobile apps.

Manage your schedule across devices and apps

Easily import your calendar to Proton Calendar and stay on top of your schedule securely across all your devices and Proton apps.

Organize from any device

Proton Calendar is always in sync across your devices with apps for the web, Android and iOS.

Do more with Proton Mail

Manage invitations without leaving your Proton Mail inbox. Quickly add events received by email, such as flights, meetings, or concerts.

Stay on top of your schedule

Quickly manage your everyday events.

Make every day safer

Protect your schedule from prying eyes

View of the data that Proton Calendar protects with end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encrypted

Whether you’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment, a bank visit, or a meetup with an old friend, it's encrypted on your device so no one can see it but you.


No ugly or distracting ads. Even better, we don’t invade your privacy to target you with ads. What is on your schedule is for your eyes only.

Paid plan required

You control access

You can choose if someone gets full access to your calendar or only a limited view of your availability.

Proton Calendar was built by the team behind Proton Mail, the world’s largest encrypted email service

Over 100 million people and some of the world’s largest organizations have signed up with Proton.

Stay in sync with friends, family, or your team

Share your calendar as you see fit, know when others are available, and send them invitations.

Share your calendar with a link.

Paid plan required

Show when you’re available

Share your calendar with your family, friends, or colleagues via a link. Choose to display just your availability or the full details of your calendar.

Subscribe to friend's calendars.

Check everyone’s schedule at a glance

Subscribe to a family member's, friend's, or team's schedule, even if they use another calendar service.

Use Contacts to privately add participants to events.

Manage your contacts right from your calendar

Use our Contacts widget to add, remove, merge, or import encrypted contacts with a single click. You can also directly add contacts to an event.

Upgrade to get more out of your calendar

Unlock collaboration, more calendars, and support our mission to build a better internet where privacy is the default.

Categorize work and family events with separate calendars

Create separate calendars for any purpose to make sure you don't miss what's coming up while keeping your schedule tidy.

Share your calendar

Share your calendars with your family, friends, or colleagues via a link or by inviting them directly. Choose to display just your availability or the full details of your calendar.


Decide who sees your calendar and when

Whether you’ve scheduled an interview, a doctor’s appointment, or a meetup with friends, you control who gets access to that information.