Proton is privacy you can trust

At Proton, privacy isn’t an empty promise. It’s ensured through the rigorous application of encryption and Swiss privacy laws.

Fundamentally different

Most tech companies, whether it’s Google or Apple, define privacy as “nobody can exploit your data except for us.” We disagree. We believe nobody should be able to exploit your data, period. Our technology and business are built around this fundamentally stronger definition of privacy.

Proton believes only you should have access to your data.
Your data in Proton is encrypted so that even we cannot access it.

Protected by math

Our pledge to protect your privacy is more than just a promise — it’s backed by strong encryption. Our zero-access encryption and end-to-end encryption differ from other forms of encryption because we can’t decrypt your data. This is a far more robust privacy promise based on the inviolable laws of mathematics.

Our business is privacy

Proton is a privacy company. We don’t sell ads, we don’t sell your data (or access to you), and we don’t engage in surveillance capitalism.
We are not a Big Tech company concerned with maximizing profits at the expense of the user community powering Proton. Our one and only business is privacy.

Your privacy is our first and only priority

The only people we are obligated to are you. We are the privacy company, pure and simple.

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Proton is based in Switzerland where your data enjoys the protection of strong privacy laws

Based in Switzerland

Proton is based in Switzerland, under the protection of some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. Our Swiss jurisdiction provides broad protections to users, including protection against warrantless surveillance and foreign governments that do not respect fundamental human rights. Switzerland also embodies our status as a neutral service provider outside of US or EU jurisdiction, not aligned with any state or political agenda.

Open source

Proton is an open-source company. That means all the source code used in our applications is freely available for inspection. As a company created by former CERN scientists, we believe strongly in trust through transparency.

Anybody can check that our services work as described through our open-source code. Our privacy claims are routinely independently verified through formal audits.

Privacy for a better world

At Proton, our social mission is at the heart of everything we do, and we believe that a better world begins with privacy. We’re a tech company with a conscience, committed to putting people before profits. Privacy isn’t just something we talk about to reassure the public; it is a deeply held core belief and the reason Proton was created in the first place.

Over 70 million people have signed up for Proton because we give you the tools to fight for your privacy, protect your data, and be in control of your digital world. Proton is privacy, by default.
Proton protects your privacy with layers of encryption

Proton - Privacy by default

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