Adding and importing contacts in Proton Contacts

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Import, add and merge contacts

In this article, we show you how to create new contacts in Proton Contacts and how to import contacts from a CSV or VCF (vCard) file. 

Add individual contacts

To add a new contact to your Contacts:

1. Sign in to Proton Mail at window) and go to ContactsAdd new contact.

Button to add a new contact

2. Fill in the new contact’s details and click Save.

Box to add new contact details with Save button

Importing contacts

If you wish to add contacts from a different email provider or contact list, you must first obtain a CSV or VCF (vCard) file that contains the contacts you wish to add.

Learn how to export contacts from other mail providers(new window)

Once you have the list of contacts you wish to add, please ensure your file is formatted in UTF-8(new window) and follow these steps:

1. Sign in to Proton Mail at window), go to ContactsSettings tab, and click Import from .csv or vCard.

Button to import from CSV or VCF (vCard)

2. Drag the contacts file to the import window or click the Choose a file or drag it here button and select the file from your computer.

Window to drag your new contacts file to

3. Click Import.

Import button to click when you've dragged or chosen your new contacts file

4. Your new contacts will now be encrypted and imported into Proton Contacts. Click Close to return to Proton Mail.

Message saying contacts successfully imported with Close button to return to Proton Mail

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