Exporting contacts from other mail providers

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You can import contacts from other email services into your Proton Mail account. To do this, they must first be exported from another service as either a CSV or a VCF (vCard) file. In this article, we look at how to export contacts from a number of popular email services.

How to import contacts

Once you have exported your contacts (see below), you can import them to Proton Mail.

1. Log in to mail.proton.me(new window) and go to ContactsSettings tab → Import contacts.

(new window)

2. Drag the exported CSV or a VCF file to the Import contacts window or click the Choose a file or drag it here button to select a file using your system’s default file manager. Click Import when you’re ready.

(new window)

How to export contacts from other providers

Below we look at how to export contacts from a number of popular email services. If yours isn’t listed here, the process will probably be very similar.

Yahoo Mail

Sign in to Yahoo Mail(new window) and go to ContactsMore contact options (the 3-dot hamburger icon) → Export to CSV file.

(new window)


Go to Google Contacts(new window)Export (in the left sidebar). Ensure Export as Google CSV (the default setting) is selected, and click Export.

(new window)

This exports all your contacts. You can also select which contacts you want to export.

Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail

1. Sign in to Outlook.com(new window).

2. Select the icon in the lower-left corner of the page to go to the People page.

3. On the far right of the toolbar, select ManageExport contacts.

(new window)

4. Select which contacts you wish to export (for example, All contacts), and click Export to export them as a CSV file.

(new window)

AOL Mail

1. Sign in to AOL Mail(new window) and go to ContactsMoreExport.

(new window)

2. Click Export.

(new window)

AOL does not allow you to export individual contacts.

Zoho Mail

1. Log in to your Zoho Mail(new window) account and go to Contacts. Navigate to the ContactsMore Actions (the 3-dot hamburger icon) → Export.

(new window)

2. Select whether you want to export Personal contacts or Organization contacts or contacts from a specific group, then click Export Contacts.

(new window)

Apple Mail / iCloud

The Apple Mail app exports contacts in a proprietary file format (.abbu), so it is much easier to export contacts using the iCloud web app.

1. Log in to icloud.com/contacts(new window) using your Apple ID.

2. Select All ContactsSettings (the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen).

3. Click Select All, then click Export vCard...

(new window)

Other services

Refer to your email service’s help section for details on how to export your contacts. If you encounter any problems importing your CSV or VCF file into Proton Mail, you may need to edit it in a spreadsheet program.

Learn how to create and edit CSV files(new window)

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