Can non-Proton Mail users respond to encrypted messages?

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People that aren’t on Proton Mail(new window) can reply securely to encrypted messages you send them if you use our Password-protected Emails(new window) feature.

When you send a password-protected email to a non-Proton Mail user, the recipient will receive an email that invites them to view your secure message. 

Password-protected email showing message — You have received a secure message

They can only access the message using a password you have both previously agreed on (for example, in person or using a secure messaging app(new window)).

The password hint can also be used to reference something only the two of you will know. 

Box to enter the message password to decrypt a password-protected email

Once the recipient has entered the password, they can read the message in a secure Proton Mail mailbox.

From here, they can reply to the message by clicking Reply securely. When they reply in this way, the new message is sent end-to-end encrypted(new window).

Reply securely button to reply to a password-protected email

They can use the Proton Mail composer editing tools to format the reply and include attachments (which are also end-to-end encrypted) by clicking the paper clip icon.

Reply to a Password-protected Email showing formatting tools and Attachments button

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