How to change your username

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Your username is the beginning part of the main email address that you created to sign up for your Proton Mail account ( Unfortunately, we cannot change the main login username on your account.

When you created your account, you also created a key that was matched to your username. This key allows you to send and receive emails using Proton Mail’s encryption. Changing your username would change the key that was used to send and receive all the emails in your inbox.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

1. You can remove the characters “. “_” and “-” from your username

This is possible because these characters are treated as transparent by our service. That is, username is the same as user_name and, etc. Once a user takes a specific username, none of these variations can be used for a different account.

2. You can change capital letters to sentence case and vice versa

Usernames and email addresses are not case-sensitive, so these changes are purely cosmetic.

To make these changes:

1. Sign in to your Proton Mail account at, and go to Settings (the gear icon on the top right of your screen) All settingsIdentity and addressesMy addressesActions and click the Edit address button next to your Proton username.

Navigate to My addresses

2. Edit your username in accordance with the restrictions described above. Click Save when you’re done.

Edit your username

You can also create a new account at window), or add additional usernames to your account. For more information, see Aliases and Addresses in Proton Mail(new window).

If you would like to merge one account into another account, please see Combining accounts.(new window)

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