Proton Mail coupons

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Coupons, credits and proration

Proton Mail coupons are used to grant discounts on paid subscription plans. Generally speaking, coupons can only be given out by our customer support team, and only for special situations for existing customers (like if we made a billing mistake).

Beware, there are many scam websites offering fake Proton Mail coupons. If you see a Proton Mail coupon code being offered on a website that is not, it is a fake coupon and the site may be a phishing site that is attempting to steal your credentials. Do not visit third-party sites advertising Proton Mail coupons as they may be malicious.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team. If you want to be informed about any official special promotions that Proton Mail may offer from time to time, please follow us on Twitter(new window) or Facebook(new window) where we post updates.

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