The limitations iOS imposes on background upload

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Proton Drive allows you to upload images from your iPhone or iPad in the background (with the Proton Drive app not open). However, due to restrictions imposed by Apple’s iOS operating system, this feature may function differently from what you might expect. 

It might appear as though background uploads are not occurring because you see uploads start when you open the Proton Drive app. However, background uploads are taking place, just in a less visible manner.

There are three reasons uploading images in the background on iPhones and iPads may take longer than you’d expect.

1. Limited background runtime: Proton Drive is not in control of how long it can operate in the background. Apple’s iOS software grants apps background time, which can vary from approximately 30 seconds to 4 minutes, depending on various factors such as device usage and charging status.

2. No direct notifications: Similarly, iOS does not notify Proton Drive directly when new images are taken. You must either open the app or your device’s iOS must grant it background time to check for new images.

3. Sporadic background behavior: Background uploads occur intermittently, often when the device is not in use. This approach helps conserve battery life and maintain device performance.

How to ensure the fastest synchronization 

You should open the Proton Drive app directly to guarantee the fastest syncing of new images. While this behavior may not be ideal, it represents the best possible implementation given iOS restrictions. 

To improve background sync performance, open the Proton Drive app regularly. Frequent usage may prompt iOS to grant the app higher priority for background tasks.

We’re working continuously to improve our services within the constraints imposed by iOS. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we strive to provide you with the best possible user experience.

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