Using Proton Mail on iOS (iPhone)

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iOS app

Proton Mail on iOS(new window)Easily read, respond to, and organize all your messages on the iOS app. Our application for iOS gives you the same easy-to-use Proton Mail experience you expect from our web app on your iPhone. The Proton Mail iOS app is custom built from the ground up to provide the strongest security for your messages. You can also enable push notifications to ensure you’re always up-to-date on your emails.

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Updates for Proton Mail’s iOS apps are tested by our dedicated iOS Mobile Beta group. Those in the Mobile Beta group play an important role in our iOS app development, as well as receiving access to Proton Mail’s latest features and the ability to communicate directly with the Proton Mail team.

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Proton Mail in an iOS mobile browser

Most iOS devices can access Proton Mail through an up-to-date mobile browser by visiting Proton Mail works on most browsers, but you can check our list of recommended and supported browsers for more details.

Proton Mail with a third-party mail app

We don’t currently integrate Proton Mail with third-party email clients on iOS devices. Third-party email clients for iOS are not capable of the encryption and decryption processes Proton Mail performs to keep your data safe.

We also have a dedicated Android app for users with an Android device.(new window)

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