Join Proton Mail beta on iOS Mobile

2 mins
iOS app

To access iOS beta testing, first install the TestFlight app(new window) on your device.

Next, follow this invitation link(new window). If you have not installed TestFlight on your device, the invitation will ask you to get it from Apple’s App Store.

Otherwise, the invitation will ask you to confirm your participation.

Next, you need to install the test version of Proton Mail’s iOS app.

Once you have finished the installation, the Proton Mail app logo will change on your home screen by adding a yellow dot. This indicates that you are using Proton Mail’s test version.

You are now ready to start testing the Proton Mail iOS beta application. Please note that only a limited number of TestFlight spots are available, so we reserve the right to remove you from the testing pool if you aren’t actively using the latest version of the app.

Proton Mail depends on the support and feedback of our beta tester community.

Send us your feedback by using the recommended Report Bugs (new window)button. Alternatively, you can send us feedback through the TestFlight app or the Proton Mail beta app by following these instructions(new window).

Thank you for helping us build the best private email service.

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