Are my messages encrypted via Proton Mail Bridge?

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Using Bridge

Messages exchanged between your Proton Mail account and other Proton Mail accounts while using Bridge are end-to-end encrypted(new window) just like they are in our web and mobile apps.

Messages sent to non-Proton Mail accounts are not end-to-end encrypted, though your emails are protected by zero-access encryption while on our servers. To use end-to-end encryption when sending from your Proton Mail account to non-Proton Mail accounts, you must use our Password-protected Emails(new window) feature in our web and mobile apps.

Keep in mind that your messages are stored locally on your computer in plain text. For this reason, it is important to protect your device(new window).

For those with heightened security concerns, we also recommend encrypting your hard drive. Learn how to encrypt your Windows(new window) or macOS(new window) device.

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