Common photo backup errors and how to solve them

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Below is an overview of common errors and how to fix them.

Common photo backup error messages

Storage is full

This error indicates that your Proton storage is full. Remember, your storage is shared between Proton Drive and Proton Mail. You’ll need to either upgrade your plan or delete some existing files to resume the backup.

Missing permission

This error indicates  the Proton Drive app still needs your permission to access your photos. Please navigate to your device’s settings and grant the necessary permissions.

Waiting for WiFi

This means you’ve lost your WiFi connection — and photo backup will only work while you’re connected to Wifi. If your connection is lost, the backup will pause and then automatically resume once you reconnect to a WiFi network. 

Low device storage

When backing up from your mobile device to Proton Drive, issues may occur if you’re running low on storage on your device, as the encryption process requires the Drive app to make a copy of the file before uploading it. If you have limited storage and are trying to back up large files, you may need to free up some storage on your device before you can upload.

What to do when backup fails

If you have issues with backup not starting and there’s no clear reason, we recommend first switching the photo backup option off and then on again. To do so, please follow these steps.

Alternatively, you can also log out of the app, though please be aware that logging out will clear all your app cache and remove any files that were marked as available offline.

If you encounter an error, please report it to our customer support for quick resolution. To do so, please tap menu button (≡).

Once there, tap Report a bug and explain your issue.

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