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Browsers and cookies

Proton Mail uses the latest in web technologies to secure your data, and requires a PRNG. This article will explain what a PRNG is and address common issues.

What is a PRNG?

PRNG stands for Pseudo Random Number Generator. Proton Mail generates random numbers in several places to secure your account. This is extremely important because random numbers result in strong encryption. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to generate random numbers. This is why we require users to have a web browser(new window) that has a built in PRNG. Luckily, most modern web browsers have a PRNG.

For a list of browsers that have a PRNG click here: window)

As you can see in the above link, most browsers work. Older versions of IE do not support this.

I got an error saying I don’t have a PRNG. How do I get it?

If you are having this error, the most common solution is to upgrade your browser(new window) to the latest version. This is a good practice as most browser updates also include various security patches as well.

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