Restoring encrypted events in your Proton Calendar

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Calendar encryption

What happens when you reset your Proton password

If you reset your Proton Account password(new window) by email or phone, you won’t be able to read your existing emails and other encrypted files due to the encryption that we use. That means you won’t be able to access your Proton Calendar or Proton Drive data.

Note that this only happens when you reset your password by email or phone (i.e., when you forget it). If you remember your password and just want to set a new one, it’s easy to change your password(new window), and you’ll retain access to all your encrypted data, including Proton Calendar.

Restoring Proton Calendar events after you reset your password

To recover all the encrypted data in your Proton Account (including Proton Calendar events) after your reset your password, you need to reactivate the encryption keys associated with that data.

If you’ve set an account recovery method(new window), you can restore your data either by entering your recovery phrase or by uploading your recovery file (or backup encryption key).

Learn how to:

If you later remember or find your original password, you can also recover your data by entering your password(new window).

Learn more about how to set recovery methods in case you forget your Proton password(new window)

If you’re interested in how encryption keys work and how to manage them, you can also learn how to:

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