Viewing sender images in Proton Mail

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Proton Mail

Your inbox is often filled with online orders, booking confirmations, newsletters, and other transactional emails. To help you quickly find the email you need, Proton Mail on the web now displays images of senders from popular websites.

You will only see the images of senders in new, incoming emails. All emails before the introduction of this feature will not display the sender’s image. 

You can turn this feature off by signing in to your Proton Account at window). Select Settings →  Go to settingsAppearanceSender image. Deactivate the Show sender images toggle.

Sender images and your privacy

All image requests are anonymous. When you receive an email from a supported email sender, Proton Mail will send the image request from our servers to protect your privacy. 

All images are obtained from the sender’s website, typically as a favicon(new window) or as a different icon available at our disposal. We cache these images on our servers for faster access and update them regularly. This ensures that all image requests cannot be linked to a specific person or device.

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