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The 2022 Lifetime Account Charity fundraiser raised over $784,000

We’re happy to announce that, with your support, the 2022 Lifetime account charity raffle(new window) raised over $784,000. Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets, this year’s fundraiser has once again broken previous records for the amount of funds raised!

We sold over 68,000 raffle tickets, bringing in a total sum of $684,670. On top of this, Proton is contributing an additional $100,000 for a total donation of $784,670. 100% of this will go to the 10 organizations you helped nominate:

  • Privacy International
  • EPIC
  • Human Rights Foundation
  • Access Now
  • Fight for the Future
  • Tor Project
  • Women Who Code
  • Ranking Digital Rights
  • Qubes OS
  • GrapheneOS

This money will help these organizations do their important work in 2023 and beyond.

Why this matters

Every year, whether it is through the yearly charity fundraiser or other targeted giving throughout the year, Proton contributes to organizations working towards freedom, privacy, and humanitarian causes. As an organization that is not profit motivated, we have now given away over $2 million since the very beginning. 

This is just Proton’s direct financial contribution, and does not include other contributions we provide, such as the work we do on open-source encryption, our R&D efforts on anti-censorship, and the subsidized access to Proton we provide to NGOs and millions of users worldwide, some of which has been recently documented by the New York Times(new window)

However, the fight for an internet that is both private and free, goes well beyond the efforts of a single organization like Proton. Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to assist other organizations aligned with Proton’s mission, and therefore magnify our impact. Over the years, we’ve helped ensure the survival of independent press in dictatorial regimes, helped fund tools monitoring the state of censorship online, and supported organizations who have subsequently changed privacy laws for the better. And this is just a small number of the dozens of projects we have supported. 

The organizations we support are nominated by the Proton community, and we carry out an in-depth vetting process, including checking public records, doing in-depth research, and conducting private interviews to ensure that selected organizations are efficient and will achieve the highest impact with the money contributed. 

Thanks to your support over the years, we’ve not only scaled Proton’s products and services, but we’ve also scaled our impact, and the size of our annual charity fundraiser has been continually increasing. 

As Proton continues to grow, we remain committed to also continuing to grow our impact, and your support makes this possible. 

Raffle winners 

Finally, we need to announce the winners of the raffle! The winning Lifetime account raffle tickets are:

  • 2022_Lifetime_54145
  • 2022_Lifetime_10912
  • 2022_Lifetime_460
  • 2022_Lifetime_67648
  • 2022_Lifetime_66663
  • 2022_Lifetime_37492
  • 2022_Lifetime_24827
  • 2022_Lifetime_1124
  • 2022_Lifetime_1965
  • 2022_Lifetime_12322

You can find your ticket number by clicking the “View your order” link in your confirmation email and searching for the number starting with the prefix “2022_Lifetime_”. Please make sure to check your spam folder too.

We’ll contact the winners in the coming days by sending them an email from to present them with their Lifetime account and a supporter pack from our team. If you have any questions, you can reach us at 

A Lifetime account grants you access to the highest subscription plan for all existing and future Proton products, forever. Lifetime accounts are transferable, and their value has increased as Proton has added more products and features. In the past, these plans have been resold for more than $14,000. This is the only time we make our exclusive Lifetime accounts available, so congrats to the lucky winners! 

Thank you

The success of this year’s fundraiser proves that the Proton community is a potent force for good in the world. The impact that we’re having, and the amounts we’re contributing together, can truly change the world. On behalf of these organizations and everyone who benefits from their work, we thank you for your support.

From all of us at Proton, we wish you a happy and prosperous 2023!

P.S. If you missed the fundraiser, you can still support the organizations that the Proton community selected this year by donating directly at the links below:

Protect your privacy with Proton
Create a free account

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