Introducing Proton Calendar for Android

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At Proton, our mission is to fight for a better internet where privacy is the default. This means developing easy-to-use tools that enable you to defend your privacy. We started with email, one of the world’s most widely used methods of communication, but we want to empower you to protect all your data. A calendar is a record of your life and stores as much sensitive information as your email, so in 2019 we started developing an encrypted calendar. 

Last year, we released Proton Calendar beta on Android(new window), marking a significant milestone in the expansion of Proton’s privacy ecosystem. We’ve been busy incorporating your feedback over the past year, and today we’re happy to officially launch Proton Calendar on Android

Get Proton Calendar for Android(new window)

You can now stay on top of your schedule (and keep it secure) while on the go.

Secure your schedule with end-to-end encryption

Your calendar contains plenty of personal data, such as who you meet and where you meet them. This information deserves the same level of protection as your email and files, which is why Proton Calendar(new window) protects your life events with the same end-to-end encryption Proton Mail uses to secure your messages.

Proton Calendar uses an innovative and comprehensive security model(new window) that makes it more secure than any other calendar today. All event details, including the event name, participants, and event details (such as location, notes, and descriptions) are fully encrypted. 

Proton Calendar boasts new exciting features

Proton Calendar for Android comes with a full set of advanced features and functionalities so it can easily replace your existing calendar app. With Proton Calendar, you can:

  • Work across time zones — You can now set up events in both local and foreign time zones. Simply pick a time zone when creating an event and it will appear in the local time in your participants’ calendars.
  • Set multiple notifications — Set multiple reminders on your phone and by email to ensure you’re always on time.
  • Available in dark mode — Proton Calendar is available in both light and dark mode, so you can easily switch between the two. 
  • See your daily schedule from your device’s home screen — Add the Proton Calendar widget to your Android device’s home screen for a bird’s eye view of your upcoming events.
  • Different calendar views — Switch between day, schedule, and month view to see your calendar as you like.

Switching to Proton Calendar is easier than ever

You can import your calendar from Proton Mail on the web in two ways:

Your events are automatically encrypted the moment they arrive in Proton Calendar, allowing you to keep track of your plans and appointments while keeping your data private. 

As always, if you have feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to serve you, and with your support, we look forward to introducing even more privacy-first services in the coming year.

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Andy Yen

Andy is the founder and CEO of Proton. He is a long-time advocate for privacy rights and has spoken at TED, Web Summit, and the United Nations about online privacy issues. Previously, Andy was a research scientist at CERN and has a PhD in particle physics from Harvard University.

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