Proton Mail iOS and Android mobile apps update

The following two versions have been released to all mobile app beta testers. If you want to participate in the Proton Mail mobile app beta program, it is possible to signup here(new window).

iOS: Version 1.1.10

Android: Version 1.0.45 (EDIT: we have released 1.0.47 which fixes a crashing and attachment problem, we recommend upgrading to 1.0.47)

Due to changes that we have made to Proton Mail PGP keys for custom domains, this update is mandatory. This means all existing clients needs to be updated to the latest version and older app versions will no longer be supported. The instructions for updating on Android and iOS are below.

Android: Please open up the Beta application and update to version 1.0.45. The Beta application is the one with the icon below. You can also click on the link in the email sent to the email address you used to register for the Android beta.

Capture(new window)

iOS: If you open the Proton Mail app, it should automatically prompt you to update. If this does not happen, then look for the email that was sent to the email address you used to register for the iOS beta. You simply need to click on the link in the email. You can also upgrade by visiting the following URL (Note: you need to visit this link on your mobile device using the Safari browser): window)

If you have trouble with the app after the upgrade, we recommend trying these troubleshooting steps: window)

These versions of the iOS and Android apps will be able to support custom domains once that feature is released on the webmail. They also come with a new feature, a mobile signature which can be turned on and off.

protonmail mobile signature(new window)

We are currently still on track to release Android and iOS in the app store on February 18th, but the Proton Mail mobile app beta program will continue afterwards. After February 18th, we will no longer be accepting new people into the beta program, but existing beta testers will be able to continue getting new Proton Mail mobile releases early. Thus, even after the public release, beta participants will continue to get access to the newest features before they are available to the general public. We have many exciting new features and updates planned for the Proton Mail mobile apps, and we look forward to sharing them with our mobile beta community!

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