We are excited to introduce the biggest redesign of our mobile app ever with the new Proton Mail app for iOS! Available for all, it brings the new Proton Mail experience to your iPhone or iPad, offering a sharp new look, with dark mode and an easy-to-use interface with conversation view, while still protecting your emails and contacts with Proton’s end-to-end encryption.

In the seven years since we first released our mobile apps, we have worked tirelessly to add more features and improve your Proton Mail experience. During this time, we have also developed a privacy ecosystem that now includes Proton Mail, Proton VPN(new window), Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive.

Designed to ensure you stay in control of your own data, we also believe our apps should be beautiful and easy to use. We also listen carefully to the feedback and input from our passionate and highly engaged community, to whom we are always grateful.

Our all-new Proton Mail app for iOS embodies all the lessons we have learned in the last seven years, combining industry-leading security with an attractive and intuitive user experience that makes it a pleasure to access emails on your iPhone or iPad.

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Discover a modern look and feel, now with dark or light mode

The new Proton Mail app has a modern look and feel, and features an easy-to-use interface that means less time managing your inbox, and more time enjoying it. 

Our all-new conversation view makes it easy to read your emails

Emails with the same subject line are now grouped for your convenience, making it easier to follow a conversation. You can always revert to the regular view by going to ≡ → SettingsAccount settingsConversation.

Privacy that works for you

The new Proton Mail app has been redesigned to offer you the same intuitive experience as your inbox on the web, putting you in control of your information at all times and on all your devices. 

Whether at work on your laptop, relaxing at home with your iPad, or out-and-about with your iPhone, you can read and respond to emails, secure in the knowledge they are protected by end-to-end(new window) and zero-access encryption(new window).

Our iOS app also benefits from our AppKey Protection System(new window), which adds an extra layer of encryption via FaceID or a PIN code, on top of Apple’s built-in local encryption that protects sensitive Proton data stored on your device.

With the AppKey Protection System enabled, your Proton Mail data is more secure against malware from hackers and governments, stalkerware, and phone extraction tools used by authoritarian regimes and border agents without a warrant.

Even we can’t read your emails, but you can access them anywhere via web or our new iOS app. 

Get the new Proton Mail iOS app today

Starting today, the new Proton Mail iOS app is available for everyone. Get the app, and discover how easy email can be. 

Get the new Proton Mail app(new window)

In the coming months, we look forward to bringing the new Proton Mail experience to our Android app (which is currently in beta).

We encourage you to share any issues or improvement suggestions with us using our support form(new window), as this will help us improve our service.

Thank you, as always, for your support and feedback!

Secure your emails, protect your privacy
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