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We launched encrypted contacts last year to meet the needs of journalists that needed a safer way to store sensitive information about their contacts. Our encrypted contacts manager uses zero-access encryption and digital signatures to keep your cont
Proton Mail is one of the only email providers that offers email access over Tor. We launched the Proton Mail onion site last year as an extra way to fight surveillance and censorship. Since then, Proton Mail has become banned in at least one country
As a matter of policy, we never comment on individual accounts, so we will not confirm nor deny the authenticity of this account. And while we were hoping to not have to comment at all, after two days of silence, there are some misconceptions that we
Here is what happened, why it was not fixed sooner, and what we are doing to prevent this from ever happening again. The incident began with a typo in a configuration relating to our anti-spam subsystem which was committed by the on-shift engineer a
At Proton Mail, a big part of our mission is to make strong encryption and privacy accessible to every single person. While the Proton Mail and Proton VPN services go a long way towards doing that, we also allocate a lot of resources into the researc
Proton Mail Reviews 2018
ON THIS PAGE, YOU CAN FIND A FULL LIST OF REVIEWS OF PROTON MAIL’S SECURE EMAIL SERVICE Since our launch in 2014, Proton Mail has attracted significant interest from news outlets and technical professionals as the first secure email service with en
Proton Mail is open source software that is now entirely funded by the community, and our annual community survey plays an incredibly important role in determining how Proton Mail will evolve and expand. This year, we welcomed millions of new members
TODAY WE ARE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING PROTON MAIL BRIDGE, WHICH BRINGS EASY-TO-USE EMAIL ENCRYPTION TO DESKTOP EMAIL CLIENTS. Ever since the day that we first got the idea to create Proton Mail, one of the most enduring challenges has been how to do ema
December 6, 2017 Geneva, Switzerland WHAT IS PROTON MAIL BRIDGE Proton Mail Bridge is an innovative application designed to revolutionize encrypted email. After nearly two years of research and development, the company has solved one of the longst
Proton Mail Black Friday Special
FROM BLACK FRIDAY UNTIL CYBER MONDAY (NOV 24-27, 2017), IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET UP TO A 45% DISCOUNT ON PROTON MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS! This year, we are happy to offer again a special promotion for Black Friday! Last year, we had a very interesting promot
Starting today, the new contacts manager is available to all of Proton Mail’s five million users around the world. The development and launch of this feature was driven by the feedback that the company received from many of its users in the investig