A Note of Thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving to the Proton Mail community in America!  We hope you are having a happy and safe reunion with dear friends and family.  For the rest of us, the holiday season is just around the corner!

On this special day, we would like to thank our early adopters and supportive community.  It has been six months since Proton Mail launched in Beta and we could not have gone this far without your support.  For the over 10,000 contributors who helped us raise $500,000 in July, you have been our lifeline over the past few months.  The resources have allowed us to work full time to add new features, install new servers, and continue to grow the Proton Mail team.


All contributors should have received an invite email and contributors with T-shirt perks should have received those by now.  The only perks left to be fulfilled are Proton Mail Mobile, which we hope to release early next year, and Proton Mail+, which will automatically upgrade your accounts when we roll out of Beta.  If you are a contributor and haven’t received your perks, please email us at indiegogo@proton.me.

At Proton Mail, we believe everyone should have the right to privacy whether they can afford it or not.  This is why we have worked nonstop to scale up our systems and bring Proton Mail to people around the world.  Today, we are sending out over 10,000 new invites from the front of our waiting list.  And to make Proton Mail more useable, all accounts will have at least 500 MB of storage space from now on!  For those still waiting (some since June), we hope to be able to send a lot more invites in the next several weeks and release a system that will allow you, our early adopters, to share Proton Mail with your dear friends and family.

Happy Holidays,

The Proton Mail Team

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