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Since Proton began in 2014, we’ve focused on building a better internet where privacy is the default. While there’s still much work to be done, the inclusion of Proton CEO Andy Yen on TIME Magazine’s 100 NEXT list(new window) is a positive (and humbling) sign that the privacy moment is slowly but surely gaining ground.

For the past 20 years, TIME Magazine has published the TIME100, an annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people. In 2019, TIME expanded upon the concept and introduced TIME100 NEXT, which focuses on innovators for the future and emerging leaders.

While a private future is not yet here, it’s closer than ever. This was not always a sure bet. When we first launched Proton Mail(new window), people debated whether privacy was still a cultural norm(new window). Today, we can say with more confidence that the internet of the future will be more private, which is great news for democracy, society, and the world. 

Whether it’s everyday people flocking to privacy-first providers(new window) or joint initiatives to promote better data practices, there’s simply no doubt that the world is demanding a better, more private internet. This transformation is being driven in many ways by you, the Proton community. From the initial crowdfunding campaign(new window) to launch Proton to the massive gestures of support for internet freedom, you are ultimately impacting the world for the better.

In other words, while it’s nice to be recognized by TIME, there’s no greater honor for us than the trust and support of the Proton community we’ve received over the years. We’ll always serve you, listen to you, and put your interests first. 

Fighting for privacy is an uphill battle against some of the world’s most entrenched and powerful forces, but we’re fighting on the right side of history. Despite the odds and challenges that lie ahead, we continue with the conviction that we’re doing the right thing and with the encouragement of knowing that we have your support. Thank you again, and we look forward to building the future together.

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Proton Team

We are scientists, engineers, and specialists from around the world drawn together by a shared vision of protecting freedom and privacy online. Proton was born out of a desire to build an internet that puts people before profits, and we're working to create a world where everyone is in control of their digital lives.

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