Online privacy,
for your whole family

  • Up to 6 users
  • 3 TB total storage
  • Secure Password Sharing
24 months
Save €240
Billed at €479.76 every 2 years
12 months
Save €72
Billed at €287.88 every year
1 month
Save €0
Billed at €29.99 every month

30-day money-back guarantee

Protect your family's online privacy with an all-in-one plan.

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Proton family plan

Protect what matters most with end-to-end encryption

Proton uses zero-access encryption and end-to-end encryption so that no one can decrypt, access, or abuse your family's data.

Secure your communications

Each family member gets their own encrypted email address to secure their communications with Proton Mail.

Protect your memories

Securely store all your family's photos and documents in Proton Drive to make them accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Browse safer, stream faster

Protect your family from harmful websites and access our high-speed VPN servers to stream your favorite content with Proton VPN.

Stay ahead of your schedule

Keep your plans private and perfectly organized with Proton Calendar. Easily share your calendar with family or colleagues.

All your accounts in one safe place

Create, store and use secure login details for streaming services, banking apps, or shopping websites with Proton Pass.

The best value to protect your family

The Proton Family plan starts from €19.99 a month for six family members, 3 TB of total storage space, and access to all Proton services and features.

Easily move your data from Google

Easy Switch lets you effortlessly import existing emails, contacts, and calendars from Gmail and other providers to Proton.

Swiss privacy

Proton is headquartered in Switzerland, meaning your emails, files, events, passwords, and browsing history are protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

Proton FAQ