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Upgrade to the secure alternative to Fastmail

No one else should have the ability to access your data.

With Proton Mail, your emails are protected by end-to-end encryption, so no one — not even Proton — can read them.

The Fastmail alternative that can’t access your inbox

Proton Mail believes the internet should be private by default. That’s why, unlike Fastmail, your inbox is protected by strong encryption and Swiss privacy laws. Plus, you benefit from more storage space, more features, and stronger security.

A table comparing Proton Mail against Fastmail
Inbox features
PriceFree - 
Pay for more storage and products, 
starting at $3.49/mStarts at $2.50/m for Basic
No ads, no tracking
Mobile apps for all your devices
Free calendar included
Free VPN included
Free drive included
Basic plan is free
End-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption
Protected by strong Swiss privacy laws
Servers in the United StatesNoYes

Get convenience and privacy

Proton Mail gives you all the features you expect from a Fastmail alternative without compromising on privacy and security.

Proton mail

Built alongside our community

Proton was founded by scientists who met at CERN and launched through a crowdfunding campaign. Since then, we have developed our open-source email service based on feedback and support from our community, united by our mission to build a privacy-first internet.

Proton Mail plans and pricing

Proton Free

0 €


No credit card required
Mail Plus

3.99 €


Save 12 €| 12 months for only 47.88 €
Proton Unlimited


9.99 €


Save 36 €| 12 months for only 119.88 €

What people say about Proton Mail

Mark Ruffalo
Proton Mail user

I love my ProtonMail

Jack Dorsey
Twitter co-founder

My favorite email service


You get what you pay for. In the case of big tech, if you pay nothing, you get used. I quit using Gmail and switched to @ProtonMail


Thanks Proton for keeping us all safe in the complicated internet universe.

An alternative to Fastmail that respects your privacy

Encrypt your emails by default

With Proton Mail, you don’t need any special tools to protect your emails. We automatically lock your messages behind end-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption. Unlike Fastmail, Proton could not read your emails even if we wanted to.

Block spy trackers and phishing

Proton Mail blocks trackers so you can read your emails with peace of mind. PhishGuard and Link confirmation ensure you’ll never fall for phishing attacks.

Unsubscribe from emails you don’t want

Quickly unsubscribe from newsletters and mailing lists you don’t want with a single click.

Manage your calendar from your email

RSVP for events right from your inbox. Create events, send invitations, and set reminders — all from your encrypted calendar.

Always ad-free

We don’t show ads, not even on our Free plan. We make money when people upgrade to a paid plan for more storage and features.

Open source and audited

All Proton apps are open source and audited by independent security experts. Founded by scientists, we believe in the principle of peer review to secure our code.

More than just email

Proton is a global movement led by our community to fight for a better internet. By using Proton Mail, you’re supporting privacy and freedom online.

Based in Switzerland

Because we’re based in Geneva, Swiss privacy laws protect all our users’ emails from arbitrary surveillance.

Easily migrate your inbox

With our Easy Switch tool, you can move all your emails, contacts, and calendars to Proton Mail without any hassle.

Transfer your inbox to Proton Mail

Easy Switch lets you move existing emails, contacts, and calendars from any provider to Proton Mail.

Feature-rich private email

Millions of people worldwide trust Proton Mail to keep their communications private

Choose an email that’s secure and private by default.

Millions of people worldwide trust Proton Mail to keep their communications private

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