How to import passwords from NordPass to Proton Pass

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Import and export passwords
Proton Pass

If you’re switching to Proton Pass from NordPass, you can easily and securely transfer your passwords using our built-in system with two main steps. This article shows you how.

How to export from NordPass

Before you can import your passwords from NordPass, you first need to export them. 

  1. In the NordPass homescreen, click on the gear icon at the top of the left-hand pane. 
The gear icon in NordPass
  1. A new screen will open. Scroll down until you come to a section named Import and Export. Click Export items.
NordPass' settings
  1. You’ll have to verify your identity by entering your master password. Enter it and click Continue
NordPass verification dialog
  1. NordPass will automatically download a .csv file to your downloads folder. The file will be named NordPass and the date you exported it on.

How to import to Proton Pass

With the exported file from NordPass downloaded, next you need to import it into Proton Pass. 

  1. Open the browser extension by clicking on the diamond-shaped Proton icon in the top right of your browser. Once it’s open, click on the same icon in the extension, which is in the top left.
The Proton Pass icon in the app
  1. A pane will slide out. Select Settings.
Proton Pass options
  1. A new screen will open. Choose Import from the top selection bar, and in the new screen choose NordPass from the options.
Import passwords from NordPass to Proton Pass
  1. Now, either drag the exported file from NordPass into the dialog box, or click on the button that says Choose a file to find it on your hard drive.
Choose NordPass import file
  1. Next you’ll have to choose a vault for your passwords. Your personal vault is the standard choice, but you can pick another. Once you’re happy, click Confirm
Choose vault in Proton Pass
  1. The import process will take just a few seconds. Afterwards, you can continue browsing and auto-filling your passwords as normal.

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