How to use the auto-lock feature on Android

2 mins
Mobile security

To protect your encrypted messages from falling into the wrong hands, you can enable the Auto-lock feature in the Proton Mail(new window) app.

This feature will prompt users to either enter a PIN up to 8 digits or to use biometrics to open Proton Mail. You can set your device to automatically lock every time you close your app, or after a set amount of time.

To enable auto-lock, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Auto Lock

3. Tap on the toggle to enable the feature and then, enter a PIN code up to 8 digits. Select Create to save your code. 

4. Confirm your code

Set up the auto-lock timer

Choose for how long Proton Mail can remain unlocked after you stop using the app by selecting Auto-lock timer.

Unlock using biometrics

You can also use your Android device’s face-recognition or fingerprint software(new window) to unlock Proton Mail by selecting Unlock using biometrics.

You can use the biometrics feature only after setting up a PIN.  Your device’s biometrics system will be used in this case to give you access to the app, instead of the PIN.

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