Proton Drive sync statuses on Mac

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macOS app

The Proton Drive app for macOS allows you to seamlessly sync files between your computer and the cloud and make them available across all your devices. 

Whenever you make a change, such as moving a file into Proton Drive on your Mac, editing a file, or changing its name on another device, these updates are automatically synced. Whenever the app is syncing a change or uploading/downloading a file or folder, it will reflect this state in the tray app on your Mac’s menu bar, as you can see in the image below.

Proton Drive MacOS syncing

Once the app has finished syncing, it will show the last sync time. This time will be updated after each successful sync. 

Proton Drive MacOS synced

If there is an error during sync, the tray app status will display the error. 

Proton Drive MacOS sync error

You can click on the error line to open and see the details that can help you resolve the issue. In most cases, the app will retry syncing failed items automatically, meaning you don’t have to do anything.

Proton Drive MacOS error details

The tray app for Proton Drive also provides information about the status of your syncs and the app itself.

  • Sync is paused: You can resume syncing by clicking on Resume syncing.
  • App is offline: Check your network connection to ensure you are online.
  • Update is available: The app installs updates automatically and applies them automatically the next time you restart it (usually when you restart your computer), but you can also manually quit and restart the app to update it immediately.

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