How to request phone support for your Proton for Business account

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Proton for business

If you have an eligible Proton for Business account, you can schedule a one-to-one phone or video chat with our Support team. In this article, we’ll explain how.

To be eligible for phone support, you must have:

  • Any Proton for Business plan with 40 or more total members (administrators and users)

You can request a phone call or video call (which can be helpful, for example, if you need to share your screen to help explain your issue). 

Once a call is scheduled, we’ll send you a confirmation email and our Support team will contact you at the requested time.

How to request a call

1. Log in to your Proton Account at and click on your Proton Account nameRequest a call.

Alternatively, from the Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, or Proton Pass web apps, you can go to Settings (gear icon) → All settingsOrganizationMulti-user supportContact usSchedule a call.

2. Select an available date on the calendar (highlighted in blue). You can also select your Time Zone from the dropdown menu.

3. Select an available time slot.

4. Click Next when you’re ready.

5. Enter the requested details. Please be sure to provide as much detail about your issue as you can, as this will help our team resolve it as quickly as possible. 

Under Location, indicate whether you’d like to receive a Phone call or Video call with screen sharing. Note that video calls are offered to allow screen sharing to assist with troubleshooting and resolution, and cameras are not used. 

Click Schedule Event when you’re ready. 

7. You’ll see confirmation that the call is scheduled. We’ll also send you a Proton Calendar invitation to your email address.

If your organization uses Proton VPN, we also offer the option to start a live chat via (live chat is currently only available here).

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