How to customize your organization’s logo in Proton Mail

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As your organization’s admin, you can customize the digital work environment of your team by adding your company’s logo to the Proton Mail interface. 

Logo customization is exclusively available to subscribers of our business plans — specifically those with Proton Business, Pass Business, VPN for Business, and Proton Enterprise — to tailor your Proton experience to your business needs. 

Currently, this feature is only available on Proton web apps. Mobile and desktop app customizations are not yet supported.

This easy-to-follow tutorial will guide you through a few simple steps to customizing your Proton Mail experience by uploading your logo and extending your brand’s identity throughout your organization.

First, log in to the Proton Mail web app and go to Settings by clicking on the ⚙ icon. 

Next, click on All settings.

In the settings sidebar, under the Organization section, click Multi-user support

Under Customization, you will find a box to input your Organization name. Then click Upload.

Click to select or drag your image from your desktop or folder and drop your logo image into the designated area.

After uploading, click Save. When the upload is complete, your new custom logo will appear on screen.

You can now see your newly uploaded custom logo in the sidebar and under the Customization section.

To remove or change your organization’s logo, click Remove

You must confirm your decision before the logo is deleted.

How to get support

If you have questions about uploading your organization logo, you can reach out to our support team. Because you have a Proton for Business plan, you’ll get priority support. Here’s how to reach us:

Online form: Proton for Business plans offer fast support through a dedicated website and a direct contact form.

Report a problem: Using the “Report a problem” feature will assign your ticket an urgent priority.

Write to us directly: You can also email us directly. All support requests are managed in-house by Proton. You can write to us at 

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