How to share a calendar with a link

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Calendar sharing and subscription

Users with a paid Proton plan(new window) can share a copy of their Proton Calendar(new window) calendars with non-Proton Mail users via a simple URL link. External users can read all the events on your shared calendar but cannot edit it. 

When you update your calendar, anyone with access to your calendar will see the updates you make to it. It may take up to eight hours before they see the changes. 

It is not possible to share a Proton Calendar using our mobile apps at this time, although any calendars you import via the Proton Calendar web app will appear in our mobile apps.

What others see

When you share a calendar, you can choose how much of the calendar others can see:

Full view

Full view shows all the event details on your calendar to anyone who has the link. These details include the:

  • Title of the event and event description
  • Event participants
  • Location of the event

Note: When sharing a calendar using Full view, you are granting Proton Mail temporary access to the calendar. A URL is generated that contains the key required to decrypt the calendar. When the URL is used, Proton Mail has access to this key in order to decrypt the calendar. At no other time can we access the calendar.

Learn more about how Proton Calendar protects your data(new window)

Limited view

Limited view shows when you are busy but does not show any event details. 

How to share a calendar

1. Log in to Proton Calendar(new window), go to SettingsGo to settingsCalendars (in the left sidebar), then select the calendar you wish to share. Alternatively, you can click the Settings icon next to the calendar.

2. Scroll to Share outside Proton and select Create link.

3. You can choose between Limited view and Full view. Once you’ve chosen your calendar access view, click Create.

4. Proton Calendar will generate a URL link for your calendar. Click Copy link and share it (for example, by pasting it into an email or using it as a hyperlink on your website). 

Once you have created a URL for your calendar, it will be shown in the Share with anyone section of the settings page, together with the Access attached to the URL and a Label to distinguish links if you generate more than one.

Use the Actions dropdown menu to Add labelEdit label, or Delete link.

How to view a shared calendar

Most third-party calendars offer a Subscribe to calendar feature that allows you to enter the shared calendar’s URL. Subscribing to a calendar in this way syncs the calendar to your shared Proton Mail calendar.

In Google Calendar (web app), for example, go to SettingsAdd calendar From URL. Paste the shared calendar’s URL into the From URL field and click Add calendar.

Share Outside Proton 5

In the Calendar app, go to Add calendar (in the left sidebar) → Subscribe from web, paste in the shared calendar’s URL, select a Calendar name, Color, and Charm, and then click Import.

Share Outside Proton 6

In the Apple Calendar app for macOS, go to FileNew Calendar subscription…, paste in the shared calendar’s URL, and click Subscribe.

Share Outside Proton 7

Importing via an ICS file

People can download a ICS file of your shared calendar by entering its URL into your browser. This ICS file can be imported into almost any calendar app (including web apps).

However, if you import a calendar in this way, it will not sync with changes made to the shared Proton Mail calendar

You can share up to five links per calendar, allowing you to share your calendar with different groups of people with different dedicated links. This makes it easier to stop sharing your calendar with certain people or groups while allowing you to continue sharing it with others. 

You can help monitor which URLs are shared with which individuals or groups by adding a label to a URL once it has been generated (ActionsEdit label). 

How to stop sharing a calendar

To stop sharing a calendar, go to SettingsCalendarsShare outside Proton. Find the calendar and go to Actions → click the dropdown menu → Delete.

Delete share

When you delete a link, other calendars using that link will no longer be able to sync with the calendar. Deleting a calendar with shared links also automatically deletes all links. 

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