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Onboarding a new hire involves giving them the right information and tools to set them up for success. You can simplify this process by creating standardized onboarding materials that you can share with new employees, such as company policy handbooks, health and safety procedures, and giving them access to their new Proton Account.

This article provides you with tips to streamline the onboarding process and welcome new team members to Proton. 

Create an email template with your employee’s Proton login information

Taking the time to craft a warm and inviting welcome email goes a long way toward ensuring that your new employee feels comfortable and supported. In your email, you should include their Proton Account login information needed to kickstart their first day.

Once you’ve written the email, save it as a template for future use. Creating a template promotes consistency and saves you the hassle of retyping the same email. 

Encourage your new employee to change their password

Once your employee has set up their Proton Account, they should change their password immediately. All passwords should be unique and strong to deter brute force attacks and dictionary attacks. Read our blog article on creating strong and unique passwords(new window)

We also recommend using an open-source, end-to-end encrypted password manager(new window) to generate and store your passwords. A good password manager should not only encrypt all of your passwords, but also have an autofill feature that selects the relevant password based on the website you’re visiting. 

Set up two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA)(new window) provides an additional layer of security to your Proton Account by ensuring that nobody can access your inbox unless they also have physical access to your authenticator device (such as your mobile phone). With 2FA enabled, your employee will be prompted to enter a six-digit code generated by an authenticator app when they log in. 

There are many authenticator apps you can choose from, but these are our recommendations: 



Read how to set up 2FA on your Proton Account(new window)

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