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If you are a Proton for Business customer with one of the following plans, we can provide onboarding assistance (only) by phone.

  • Proton Mail Essentials
  • Proton Business
  • Proton Enterprise

Simply contact our support team to schedule a call with us. 

For all other queries please contact our support team for assistance via email.

Contact our support team(new window)

IMPORTANT: Do not use any other Proton Mail customer support phone number that you find online. Unless you obtained the number directly from our support team, other phone numbers are fake and could lead to your credentials being stolen.

Fake customer support phone numbers are a fairly common scam tactic on the Internet. There are dozens of Proton Mail support scam pages online. They all advertise “Proton Mail support number” or “Proton Mail technical support,” targeting keywords likely to be searched in Google.

If you call any of those phone numbers, the person on the other end of the line will ask you for sensitive personal information and/or the credentials to your Proton Mail account, with the goal of gaining access to your account. Do not call any support phone number unless it was directly emailed to you by our support team.

A related scam is when hackers email Proton Mail users claiming to be Proton. All official emails from Proton have an Official badge by default. If you receive an email claiming to be from Proton that does not have this badge, then it is a phishing scam(new window). Do not click on the links or download the attachments of any suspicious emails. Mark them as spam or mark them as phishing, and future emails from that sender will be automatically filtered to your spam folder. When in doubt, please forward the email to our security team at

We’ve previously written about email safety tips(new window) and general online safety(new window), so check out those articles to learn more about how to protect your digital information. Thanks for helping us keep Proton Mail secure.

If you find suspicious pages about Proton Mail online, please send them to the Proton Mail security team at

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