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Since our founding team met at CERN and created Proton Mail(new window), Proton has grown into a global leader in online security. We are now the world’s largest secure email provider, with over 50 million active sign-ups.

In addition to our headquarters in Switzerland, we have support centers in Taiwan and North Macedonia. Our global presence allows us to provide 24/7 support to all our customers.

Proton and Zendesk

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer support to provide quick and efficient help with any problems you may encounter.

To achieve this as our customer base grows, we use Zendesk(new window). This is a platform that allows us to intelligently route and prioritize customer support requests based on factors such as the nature of the request and the information provided when filling in our support form. It also allows us to monitor and manage the efficiency and quality of the service provided.

As with all our partners, Zendesk has signed a legally binding agreement with strong confidentiality clauses. Our legal and security teams have also thoroughly examined all data protection aspects and security safeguards relating to how data is handled by Zendesk, and how these are implemented in practice. 

How to request support via Zendesk

To allow us to provide support in the most efficient way possible, please fill in the Proton Mail support form(new window), providing as many details about the issue you are facing as you can. This will ensure your query is routed to the agent best equipped to assist you with your specific issue.

It also cuts down on the need for time-consuming back-and-forth questions, resulting in a faster resolution for your issue. If you report a problem in our apps, the report is also sent through Zendesk.

If you prefer, you can email us at Please note, though, that emailing in your support request limits our ability to prioritize and route your query to the agent best suited for the task.

You can still contact us directly

All support requests are handled in-house by Proton, but if you have specific concerns and would like to keep your query within Proton Mail (that is, not using Zendesk), you can email us directly at

Emails sent directly to us in this way are, of course, fully end-to-end encrypted(new window)

However, such support requests are not connected to a customer support platform and therefore can not be prioritized and monitored for waiting times and service levels. This may mean that it will take us longer to reply to your request.

Proton exists to serve our community, and we are pleased to offer the highest level of assistance possible if you have any questions about our products. 

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