It’s time for the 2023 Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser – who should we support?

Each year since 2018, the Proton community has raised funds to support nonprofits that align with our mission through our Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser. With your support, we’ve donated around $2 million to organizations working to build a better internet for all. As always, we ask our community to nominate the recipients of the funds.

We’re ready to kick off this year’s fundraiser by asking you to nominate one or more organizations you want to support. Based on your input, we’ll select between six to 10 charities who will receive the money we raise. The deadline for nominations is November 13, 2023, so make your selection now:

Tell us who to support(new window)

If you’re not sure what kinds of organizations to nominate, you can consider past years’ recipients as an example. Here’s who received funding last year:

  • Privacy International
  • EPIC
  • Human Rights Foundation
  • Access Now
  • Fight for the Future
  • Tor Project
  • Women Who Code
  • Ranking Digital Rights
  • Qubes OS
  • GrapheneOS

And you can also check out our article about last year’s fundraiser to see links to previous fundraiser results. 

How does the fundraiser work?

The Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser is a raffle for up to 10 Proton Lifetime Accounts — our most exclusive plan. A Lifetime Account gives you all features and the most storage on all existing and future Proton products, forever. We introduced the Lifetime Account during our 2014 crowdfunding campaign(new window), but the only way to get one now is through our end-of-year raffle. 

Lifetime Accounts are transferable, and owners have sold their accounts for between $5,000 and $15,000 on the secondary market. Proton is available to help facilitate such transfers.

To win a Lifetime Account, all you have to do is purchase one or more raffle tickets for $10 each. We will announce on our blog and social media channels where to purchase your raffle tickets.

We will donate 100% of the funds raised through raffle sales to the selected charities, and Proton will contribute an additional $100,000 to the total. Last year was our most successful fundraiser ever, generating over $784,000 for doing good in the world.

Important dates

Mark your Proton Calendars with the following important dates:

  • First day to buy raffle tickets: December 14
  • Last day to buy raffle tickets: December 26
  • Raffle winners announced: December 28

Creating the internet we want

For too long, tech companies have had free rein to create an internet that served their interests. The result is an internet without privacy, where your personal data is exploited for profit and surveillance is the default. 

We started Proton to give people the tools to take back control of their data and protect their privacy and freedom online. Over 100 million people have signed up for a Proton account and moved their information behind end-to-end encryption.

But we can’t do it alone, which is why we’ve made it a priority to support nonprofits that share our vision for a better internet where privacy and freedom are the default. Thanks to our community, we’ve been able to make increasingly large donations each year that make an enormous impact on the world, and we hope you can join us.

Remember to submit your nominations by November 13!

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