Introducing the new Proton Mail Bridge

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Proton Mail Bridge allows you to access Proton Mail using a desktop email client such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird. Running quietly in the background, Proton Mail Bridge encrypts and decrypts your emails as they enter and leave your computer.

Today, we’re introducing a major update to Proton Mail Bridge which we will gradually roll out in the coming days for anyone with a paid Proton Mail plan. The new Proton Mail Bridge is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux (DEB and RPM). 

An entirely redesigned app focused on ease of use

We have redesigned Proton Mail Bridge to offer you a better overview of your account(s) and revamped our Settings so you can now easily control the location of your cache or reset the app. It also comes with dark mode! 

If you need help, our improved support articles will allow you to quickly find the instructions you need. 

Proton Mail Bridge welcome screen

A new Status View with useful information at a glance

Our new Status View allows you to preview new Proton Mail Bridge notifications. You can also see all your accounts at a glance and check your available storage for each account. 

Major stability and performance improvements

This new version of Proton Mail Bridge is packed with fixes and improvements, but the main change is the new local cache, which now includes full message bodies. This means Proton Mail Bridge stores messages encrypted on your device, so they can be retrieved much faster than when stored remotely on our servers. You can control your cache using the Advanced settings.

Discover the new Proton Mail Bridge

Starting today, we will begin rolling out the new Proton Mail Bridge to existing users. If you do not currently use Proton Mail Bridge, you can download it, and you will receive the update in the coming days.

Download Proton Mail Bridge

Thank you for choosing Proton Mail, and don’t forget to share your feedback via the dedicated reporting feature in the app.

The new Proton Mail Bridge allows you to easily read your encrypted emails on your favorite email client. It is another step toward making our vision of an internet where privacy is the default, a reality.

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