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Since we launched Proton Mail in 2014 as the world’s first encrypted email service, Proton’s mission has been to make online privacy and freedom available for all. Today, we’re excited to take an important next step by launching Proton Drive as a fre
We need an internet that puts people first again. We’ve signed a pledge with Neeva, Brave, The Tor Project, and others to help make a more private internet a reality. People overwhelmingly want an internet that puts them first. In the last year alon
Cryptography is at the heart of all our services. This has enormous advantages because it provides all the necessary tools and constructions for us to develop features with built-in security and privacy. Occasionally, however, these protection layers
Starting Monday, July 11, and ending Wednesday, July 13, Proton Mail, Proton VPN, and Proton Drive experienced intermittent service disruptions, some of which affected some users for an hour or more. These resulted from an unexpected error, not an at
Last year at Proton, we migrated from a polyrepo architecture to a monorepo architecture to make it easier to manage the packages that are part of our front-end web application stack. We’d been facing problems for some time, and after considering our
Irina joined Proton in 2017 as the company’s first marketing hire. Throughout her time, she has witnessed Proton’s evolution from an encrypted email service to a privacy-by-default ecosystem. We interviewed Irina to discuss how she advocates for the
Ben is a part of Proton’s localization community. He is a volunteer proofreader for the French versions of Proton’s products, validating translation proposals made by the translators to make sure they are consistent and intelligible for their intende
Rafficer has a long history of using Proton products and has even helped with a few development products. Rafficer has also been involved in moderating the Proton Mail subreddit. We interviewed Rafficer in 2021 to discuss his contributions to the Pro
Updated October 10, 2022 The Proton community trusts us to keep their information secure and private, and we take this trust seriously. That is why we are excited to announce that we will continue working with Bug Bounty Switzerland as part of our b
Access all the premium features on Proton’s privacy-by-default ecosystem and protect all your data with one subscription. As part of Proton’s evolution from an end-to-end encrypted email provider into a privacy-by-default ecosystem providing multipl
Last month, developers from numerous OpenPGP-related projects came together at Proton’s headquarters in Geneva to work together and discuss the future of encrypted email using the OpenPGP standard. Proton had offered to host the sixth installment of