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One of the biggest challenges of our time is balancing people’s right to privacy with the need to prevent abuse online. It’s a question with real-world consequences that’s as old as the internet itself. It’s also something that every internet platfor
Last updated: December 27, 2022 We’ve received requests from our community to extend our Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser. You can now purchase raffle tickets until December 29 at 11:59PM CET! This year’s Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser is o
UPDATE January 11, 2023: We added statistics about the number of trackers in emails that are blocked by Proton Mail. Big Tech wants all of your data, and they’re constantly looking for new ways to collect it from you. Even if you use a secure email
At Proton, we’re building a privacy-centric internet, and that end goal guides everything we do. We believe privacy-centric products must be practical, intuitive, and useful for everyone worldwide. Proton Drive is a key part of that vision. It enable
Your calendar is more than just a planning tool — it’s a record of your life. It lists what you’ve done, where you’ve been, and who you’ve met. This information deserves the same level of protection as your email and files, which is why we created Pr
When we launched Proton Drive two months ago, we wanted to create a truly private and secure cloud storage service. An encrypted cloud that allows anyone on the internet to safely store, access, and share their files without worrying about unauthoriz
From our initial crowdfunding campaign to the recent launch of our encrypted cloud storage service Proton Drive, Proton has always been supported by the community. Your feedback tells us what new features to develop and which we should improve.  For
This year, we will again hold our annual charity fundraiser and give away six rare Proton Lifetime accounts in a raffle. Together with contributions from Proton, you’ve raised over $1,000,000 in our Lifetime Account Charity Fundraisers over the past
Whenever we develop a service, our goal is to make sure it does not leak or expose any of your information at any time to anyone, including ourselves. This is a radically different approach to most Big Tech offerings, where data collection is the tru
Our Black Friday 2022 offers are over, but you can now claim our Black Friday 2023 deals!  Get Black Friday 2023 deals -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now is the best time to support a better intern
In October 2022, Proton developed its own OpenPGP certificate authority (CA), ProtonCA, and began signing encryption keys to guarantee that they belong to a specific account. This allows OpenPGP users to trust other users’ PGP keys and makes sending