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At Proton, our mission is to create a better internet where privacy is the default. Our applications provide strong protection for your privacy and personal data and allow you to access information online. We are committed to our mission and continue
The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is the EU’s chance to ban Big Tech’s self-preferencing via default apps in favor of a choice screen when setting up a new device. By letting you choose the core apps such as email on your device, the amendments on defaul
We are excited to announce Proton is expanding to London. Community is everything for Proton, and serving the global Proton user base is our overriding objective. From the beginning, the UK has always been one of the countries with the largest Proton
Proton Mail Bridge allows you to access Proton Mail using a desktop email client such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird. Running quietly in the background, Proton Mail Bridge encrypts and decrypts your emails as they enter and
Email tracker protection
At Proton Mail, we believe that reading emails should be as private as our end-to-end encryption makes sending them. Today, we’re happy to introduce enhanced tracking protection, a feature that will provide an additional layer of privacy to your inb
On 1 December 2021, we began receiving sporadic reports of delivery failures from addresses to Gmail. This corresponded with a dramatic decline in’s domain reputation as seen via Gmail Postmaster Tools and an increase in sending f
At Proton, our community is incredibly important to us. We exist only through your support, and we are here to serve you. As part of our commitment to you, we closely read the feedback you share with us directly and on social media platforms. We take
Thank you. There is no other way to start. The generosity of the Proton community continues to shine through and surpass all expectations. Thanks to you, our 2021 Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser raised $514,910. We at Proton are contributing an a
In keeping with tradition, we are excited to share that this year’s Lifetime Account Charity Fundraiser begins today, 13 December 2021, and ends on 28 December 2021 at 11:59 PM CET.  We will announce the raffle winners on 29 December 2021. Each yea
Congratulations on joining the Proton community!  To help you do more with Proton Mail, we’re introducing four quick actions to help you discover your new inbox: * Discover how our privacy features protect you * Set up automatic forwarding from G
The year is coming to a close, and we are approaching the time when we would traditionally hold a fundraiser to support organizations working to protect privacy and freedom of speech. However, this year we decided to be more ambitious. In addition to