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26 May 2022: Updated to reflect new Proton plans and pricing and the removal of free additional storage. We are living through a situation that is unprecedented in modern history. At a moment of great professional uncertainty and personal stress, we
Proton Mail Bridge is a desktop application that runs in the background on your computer and encrypts and decrypts your mail as it enters and leaves your device. It allows for full integration of your Proton Mail account with email clients like Micro
We are excited to announce that starting today, you can use Bridge to connect your Proton Mail account with your desktop email app on the Linux operating system. Proton Mail Bridge is a desktop app available to all paying subscribers that integrates
(This article has been updated from the original feature announcement to reflect the fact that alternative routing is now in full operation.) Alternative routing is an anti-censorship system that can help you access our website if your government, I
Our mission at Proton is to make online safety accessible to everyone. Millions of people depend on our Proton Mail to secure their communications and keep their information private. In order to make this high level of security accessible to all Int
Every once in a while, we are asked the question, why should I pay for Proton Mail when I can use Gmail for free? Or why should I pay for Proton Mail when there are cheaper email services available? This is actually a good question worthy of a deeper
It is now harder for hackers and spammers to impersonate Proton Mail users that have custom domain email addresses. We have introduced the DKIM key management in beta, which allows you to manually rotate your DKIM keys. This is part of our continuing
You can read this blog post in Russian below. Этот пост доступен на русском языке ниже. On Jan. 29, the Russian government announced via an official website that effective immediately, Proton Mail would be blocked in Russia. (Proton VPN, however, i
We’re happy to announce that the 2019 Lifetime account auction has raised over €30,000. Proton will match these contributions for a total donation of over €60,000 to three organizations working to build a more equitable, free, and sustainable world:
A calendar is more than just a tool. It’s a record of the moments that make up your life — your big meetings, gatherings with friends, and children’s birthdays. For the longest time, to easily organize these events, you had to let large corporations
Last week we asked you for suggestions about which organizations you think we should help with our Lifetime Auction and you responded with hundreds of worthy causes and institutes. All of your recommendations aligned with the Proton philosophy of cre