In June 2023, we were excited to launch Proton Pass, our identity manager and one of the most requested services from our community. 

But launching Proton Pass was only the first step on our long journey, and we know the only way forward is to take note of your feedback and continually improve the product. Building the first encrypted identity manager wasn’t easy, but we’re confident that with our experience in creating end-to-end encrypted, privacy-first services, we’ll be able to add more and more features to Proton Pass in the coming months.

We’ve been asked several times about what’s next for Proton Pass. Today, we’d like to share with you a short-term roadmap of what you can expect in the coming quarters. We also have longer-term roadmaps that we’ll share with you soon. 

Sharing (launched October 2023)

Update: Password Sharing is now included in all Proton Pass plans. Learn more about Password Sharing.

The ability to securely share your data with families, friends, and colleagues is one of our most requested features. By the end of Q3/beginning of Q4 2023, you will be able to share your logins, notes, and credit card information with other people. Later versions will support alias sharing, allowing several people to use the same alias. 

We built Proton Pass from the ground up, allowing us to make the sharing experience as seamless as possible while still giving you full control over your data. And of course, your data is always end-to-end encrypted and is only accessible by people you want to share data with.

Proton Pass web app

Many people have asked for a full web app in Proton Pass. Currently, Proton Pass is available on the web as a browser extension, which is the best way to use Proton Pass’s autofill, autosave, and autosuggest features. 

Still, we recognize that a full web app would offer a number of benefits: 

  • You’ll be able to manage your data more easily on a bigger window.
  • You’ll be able to open your vault on computers that you can’t install a browser extension on (for example, on a public or company computer). 

The development of the web app has already started, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Proton Pass desktop app

Having a dedicated desktop app for Proton Pass for Windows, Mac, and Linux is highly requested and currently at the top of our to-do list. Though creating a desktop app is challenging, it provides numerous benefits, like better offline support and better integration with your device’s operating system.

Building an internet that’s private and secured by default

Apart from the previously mentioned three features, which are probably the most visible, you can also expect the following updates to Proton Pass in the coming months:

  • Credit card autofill on web: Complete online checkouts faster.
  • Pinning/bookmarking: Organize your frequently used logins, notes, credit cards, etc., so you can quickly find them.
  • Localization: Proton Pass will be available in different languages.
  • Safari extension: One of the most requested from our Mac users.
  • Better autofill for Android and web
  • Ability to sync your SimpleLogin aliases to Proton Pass

Like all roadmaps, the development of these features are subject to change as we collect more feedback from the community. 
Your feedback plays an important role in our planning process. Join the conversation on Twitter(new window) and Reddit(new window), and let us know what you think.

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