We’re improving Proton business plans with more flexibility and features

Today we’re announcing enhancements to our business plans, further enriching our commitment to delivering the best privacy experience for businesses. These upgrades will help us continue expanding our feature suite for organizations, while giving more flexible options to businesses of all sizes to stay secure.

As our community has grown to over 100 million people, our business community has also grown. Over 50,000 organizations trust Proton for Business, from public sector and Fortune 500 companies, to independent professionals and startups. In order to provide the best and most secure privacy experience for businesses, we’ve been focused on building new premium encrypted and productivity features across Proton’s suite of products. 

This pace of innovation has led us to make multiple upgrades to our business plans to lay a better foundation for supporting businesses in the future. As such, we will be increasing the price of Proton Business for new customers. In keeping with our practice of avoiding price increases wherever possible, existing customers will not be affected by this price change. 

Powerful business solutions to protect your entire organization

We’re making three overall updates aimed at giving you more efficient and flexible solutions, while also benefiting from a growing arsenal of encrypted features across our ecosystem to keep your organization secure:  

  • Launching a new enhanced Mail plan with more storage and premium Mail features called Mail Professional
  • Renaming our Pass and VPN Business plans to VPN Professional and Pass Professional, bringing our business ecosystem into better alignment across our products, alongside the new Mail Professional plan release
  • Renaming Proton Business to Proton Business Suite and increasing the price for new subscribers starting June 6, 2024, better highlighting and enabling long-term growth of our most powerful business plan

Scale up with our robust new Proton Mail plan

For organizations that need premium Mail features not included in Mail Essentials and additional storage for their teams, we’re launching a new tier called Mail Professional. The price of the new Professional plan will be $9.99/month per user on a 12-month subscription, and $10.99/month per user on a one-month subscription. 

Mail Professional includes over three times more storage than Mail Essentials (50 GB per user) that you can use across encrypted emails on Proton Mail and encrypted cloud storage on Proton Drive. It also gives you a more customizable experience, with the ability to add your workplace branding to your inbox and support for up to 10 custom domains. You also get access to advanced protection with the Proton Sentinel high-security program to ensure maximum security for your organization. 

This is a valuable option for teams that need more storage and secure email, without the more robust features of our other products. As with all our business solutions, there’s no training or onboarding needed, and you can migrate from another platform easily. Our dedicated support team is also available to help you with the migration process step-by-step, at no extra cost.   

New names to match your use case

With the new Mail Professional plan in our lineup, we wanted to update the names of our business VPN and password manager plans to bring our business solutions into alignment. Our Proton VPN Business and Proton Pass Business plans are now called VPN Professional and Pass Professional

And finally, Proton Business is renamed as Proton Business Suite, to better reflect what it is: our most powerful plan, giving you premium Proton features across all our products to protect your entire organization.

Taking Proton Business Suite to the next level

Over the past year we’ve packed even more products and features into what’s now our Proton Business Suite plan, including password manager to simplify team login access and collaboration, and features such as uploading your business logo to brand your organization’s Proton Mail web experience. This is our best business plan for teams that want a one-stop encrypted ecosystem to protect and secure their entire organization. 

With Proton Business Suite, you get:

  • 500 GB of storage per user for your encrypted emails on Proton Mail and secure file collaboration on Proton Drive
  • Support for up to 15 custom business domains and custom workspace branding
  • Proton VPN business features, including our highest available VPN speed for up to 10 connected devices per user
  • Proton Pass password manager to securely share logins with your team
  • And all our other top features in Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, Proton Pass, Proton VPN, and other products as they become available (such as document editing)

For new business subscribers, the price will be $14.99/month per user on a one-month subscription (previously $12.99/month per user). With a 12-month subscription, the new price is $12.99/month per user (previously $10.99/month per user). This price will allow us to continue investing heavily in business solutions and features across our products. 

If you already have a Proton Business Suite plan, your price won’t increase. However, if you change your billing cycle before renewal, or change your plan type, the new subscription pricing will apply.

If you have custom needs or you have a large organization, we offer our Proton Enterprise plan, which is customizable and includes a dedicated account manager. Contact our Sales team to learn more.

Looking ahead

We have so much more in store for 2024, rolling out new features across our ecosystem. 

We’re adding more functionality to Proton Drive to help you collaborate securely. Proton Mail and Proton Calendar will be getting new features. And with Standard Notes joining the Proton team, collaborative document editing is another key focus. 

The most important things are those that will never change about Proton. We will always defend your organization’s privacy and security through every means. By joining our business community, you’re not only protecting your team and organization’s data but helping to build a better internet.

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