Proton Drive reaches one million file uploads per day!

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When we launched Proton Drive two months ago, we wanted to create a truly private and secure cloud storage service. An encrypted cloud that allows anyone on the internet to safely store, access, and share their files without worrying about unauthorized access. 

At the start of this month, Proton Drive surpassed one million files uploaded per day, and we’re doubling our efforts to deliver additional features and enhancements as quickly as possible!

It’s not the number itself but what it represents that is meaningful. It means every day, there are a million photos, documents, and other files protected against data breaches, government surveillance and overreach, and the privacy abuse of Big Tech. It means a million files are now under the complete control of their owners (end-to-end encryption means not even we can access any of the files on Proton Drive), giving you freedom, autonomy, and peace of mind online. 

The future is private

Achieving this milestone less than two months after launch is a show of support not just for Proton Drive’s technology, but also for our mission. The fact that so many of you want to safeguard your files with the highest level of security shows great promise for the future of the internet. As the internet becomes more private, all of society will benefit. 

Proton Drive is currently available as a web app and our mobile apps will be available for everyone by the end of the year. The desktop apps will follow next year. We’ve listened to your feedback and have worked hard to shorten our release cycle for Proton Drive. Thanks to your unwavering support, we’re able to build Proton Drive even faster, and we look forward to delivering many new features and enhancements in the coming months. You can check out the Proton Drive roadmap here

A big thank you to the community

All we do is only possible with the support of Proton’s steadfast and fast-growing community. The feedback that hundreds of thousands of you gave during the beta period, and continuing on to today, has been instrumental in helping us build the service you want.

Because we’re ultimately here to serve you (and not advertisers or investors), we encourage you to have a say in shaping and developing Proton Drive. We’ve recently launched new social media channels for Proton Drive so you can talk to us more directly. You can find us on Reddit and Twitter.

Some very interesting discussions have already taken place on the Proton Drive community channels — join the conversation! We’re looking forward to shaping the future of Proton Drive together with you.

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