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Privacy is a human right, which is why Proton makes all our services available for free. We believe everyone should be able to express themselves and choose what happens to their data, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.

Unfortunately, authoritarian governments that try to limit the right to privacy and freedom of speech often attempt to block Proton Mail(new window). It has happened in Turkey, Belarus, and Russia.

Often, you can use Proton VPN,(new window) our free, no-logs, open-source VPN service, to bypass these internet blocks, but in the face of advanced and persistent internet censorship, Tor remains one of the most effective solutions.

Proton becomes a Green Onion Member

Tor’s work closely aligns with our vision of building a better internet where privacy is the default. In fact, the Tor Project(new window), the organization that developed the Tor Browser and oversees the Tor network, helped us launch the first version of the Proton Mail onion site (websites on the Tor network are called “onion sites” because .onion is the top-level domain used on the Tor network) back in 2017.

Sadly, more and more governments are turning to internet censorship or shutdowns to control their citizens. This has made Tor, with its anonymous browsing and ability to bypass advanced internet blocks, a vital tool for fighting censorship. That is why we are pleased to announce that Proton now supports the development of Tor as a Green Onion Member(new window). This will allow us to work closely with the Tor Project team and improve your experience on the Proton web apps over Tor.

Access Proton Mail, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive with the updated Tor site

As part of this collaboration, we have implemented a major update to the Proton Mail site, and have added Proton Calendar and Proton Drive Tor sites. You’ll enjoy a redesigned and easy-to-use inbox, calendar, and file storage while benefiting from Tor’s enhanced privacy protection.

More importantly, you can now sign up for your Proton account directly on our onion site, making it even easier for anyone to use Tor to bypass censorship and set up a Proton account.

With the new update to the Proton Tor site, you can use Proton Mail(new window), Proton Calendar(new window), and Proton Drive(new window) over Tor with the same convenience as our regular web apps.

Learn how to access the Proton Mail Tor site

While this level of anonymity is not necessary for everyone, it can be a lifeline for people if their government is implementing advanced censorship measures or if they are being targeted by hackers. Deciding the level of protection you need when using the internet is a part of determining your threat model.

The fight for a better internet

At Proton, we believe everyone should be able to use the internet and express themselves without worrying about censorship or surveillance. Joining the Tor Project as a Green Onion Member is part of our work towards this goal. 

Our close collaboration with the Tor Project and our updated onion site will provide more ways for people facing advanced online surveillance and censorship to access our services.

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Bart Butler

Bart is the CTO of Proton, the company behind Proton Mail and Proton VPN. An expert in email encryption, Bart was previously a physicist at CERN working on the ATLAS experiment. He was also a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard and received his PhD in Physics from Stanford University.

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