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Event notifications

Proton Calendar(new window) can notify you when an upcoming event is due to occur. There are two kinds of notification available:

  • Browser/mobile notifications
  • Email notifications

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Email notifications are sent to your default Proton Mail email address at the time you specify when creating the notification.

Email notification reminder for Proton Calendar event
(new window)

Default notifications and email notifications can be added to your calendar. These can be edited or deleted when you create an event on that calendar, or you can add additional browser/mobile or email notifications.

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Each event can have up to 10 notifications, which can be any combination of desktop/mobile notifications and/or email notifications. 

Email notifications can currently be set on Proton Calendar web, but this feature will soon be available in our Android Calendar app beta. Notification emails will arrive in your Proton Mail inbox on any device you use to access your Proton Mail account.

How to set and edit email notifications (web)

1. Create an event (using the More options dialog) or edit an existing event in Proton Calendar.

Learn more about how to create, modify, and delete events in Proton Calendar(new window)

2. Click on a notification (including the default notification) and select email from the dropdown menu.

Email notification option
(new window)

3. Specify when you would like to receive the email notification by entering a number and selecting a time interval from the dropdown menu.

Add a number and time interval for you notification


4. If you want to add another notification, click Add notification.

Add notification link to add a new notification
(new window)

You can add up 10 notifications (total) to an event.

(new window)

5. Click Save when you’re done.

Can Proton read the content or title of notification emails?

No. The content and title of the event (but not the time and date, of course, as these are needed to send the notification on time) are end-to-end encrypted on your device before the notification email is sent to our servers and then delivered to your inbox.

 Our web app can display the title and event details in your inbox because of an ID tag included in the email notification header that prompts the app to search for the event in your calendar and show you those details. This entire process is performed client-side. 

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