Proton Calendar notifications on Android and iOS

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Android app

When you create an event in Proton Calendar(new window), you can set up notifications to alert you about the event before it occurs. You can also edit the event to add notifications after it has been created. 

Learn more about how to create and modify events in Proton Calendar, including how to set up notifications(new window)

To receive notifications on the desktop, they must be manually enabled in your browser. 

Learn how to enable Proton Calendar desktop notifications(new window)

However, if you have the Proton Calendar app installed on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad, then you will receive Calendar notifications automatically via Android and iOS’ built-in notification systems. 



How to manually enable and disable notifications in Android and iOS

Proton Calendar notifications in Android and iOS should be enabled by default. If for any reason they are not, or if you have disabled them, you can manually enable (and disable) them. 


Note that details may differ slightly depending on the Android device you are using. 

1. Open the Settings app from your app drawer and go to Notifications. If Proton Calendar isn’t listed under Recently sent, tap More and find Proton Calendar in your list of apps.

2. Tap the Show notifications toggle to turn notifications on or off.

… or tap Notification categories for more fine-grained notification settings.

iOS and iPadOS

1. Go to iOS SettingsNotificationsProton Calendar.

2. Switch Allow Notifications on or off. You can also personalize how you receive Proton Calendar notifications from this screen.

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